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Posted On : 12 Oct, 2017  Source : PTI  Place : New Delhi 
BIMSTEC nations simulate flood relief drill on Yamuna barrage
India and other members of the BIMSTEC regional grouping today carried out a mock quick- response exercise in Delhi to "rescue" people stranded by flooding using a helicopter, the Union home ministry said.

The exercise was simulated at the Yamuna barrage.

Rescue teams from various member-countries responded to the situation and demonstrated a quick response using latest gadgets and equipment for rescuing the "marooned people".

The teams conducted highly-synchronised search and rescue operations. A helicopter was used to demonstrate the airborne "rescue of the stranded people", and the teams also exhibited hovering and winching of the "victims by rescuers", a home ministry statement said.

The exercise was part of the first Bay of Bengal Initiative For Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Corporation (BIMSTEC) Disaster Management Exercise - 2017.

BIMSTEC members - Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal - participated in the exercise.

Relief activities such as providing medical care and distribution of food packets were simultaneously done in a coordinated and professional manner, the statement said.

During the exercise, Yamuna flood situation was presumed to be critical in Delhi and nearby areas due to heavy rainfall. A large number of people were presumed stranded in flood-affected areas.

Considering the huge impact of flooding, BIMSTEC member countries offered assistance to the government of India for the flood relief and evacuation of the needy, it said.