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Posted On : 9 Oct, 2017  Source : IANS  Place : Rome 
17 criminals arrested in Italy, Germany
Police in Italy and Germany on Monday held 17 suspected members of a criminal gang that allegedly carried out armed robberies of armoured vehicles transporting cash to and from banks.

Two other suspects were required to report regularly to police.

The Italian arrests were made in provinces of Salerno and Naples in southern Italy's Campania region, in the province of Foggia in Italy's southern Puglia region and in the province of Verona in the northeast Veneto region, police said.

In Germany, suspects were arrested in the southwest state of Rhineland-Palatinate, according to police.

The suspected gang members are from the Salerno and Naples area in the Campania region and from Albania, police said.

The alleged gang is accused of using weapons including Kalashnikov rifles in five armed robberies in several Campania provinces and in the province of Foggia, police said.

Monday's operation followed a probe that began in February after a heist in Fisciano in the province of Salerno, said police.