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Posted On : 9 Oct, 2017  Source : PTI  Place : New Delhi 
Cong urges PM to speak on media report against Amit Shah's son
The Congress today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove Amit Shah as BJP president and demanded a probe into claims in a media report that a firm owned by Shah's son saw a huge rise in turnover after the party came to power in 2014.

While Congress leader Anand Sharma spoke in Delhi on the allegations of wrongdoing by the company owned by Jay Amit Shah, its chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala hit out at the BJP in Jaipur.

Sharma said Modi should "break his silence" on the claims. Hitting out at Union minister Piyush Goyal for defending Jay Amit Shah, he asked whether Goyal was a minister, a "spokesperson or business manager." 

"The prime minister speaks on every issue... He speaks a lot... There should be a probe into it... Shah should give up his post until the probe is over, like L K Advaniji did, Nitin Gadkariji did when charges were levelled against them (in separate cases)," Sharma told reporters.

The BJP yesterday rejected the Congress' charge over the business transactions of Jay Amit Shah. Goyal had told reporters that the BJP was "confident" there was no wrongdoing and Jay Amit Shah's businesses were fully legitimate.

In Jaipur, Surjewala said Modi should relieve Amit Shah from the party president post and get the claims probed by a two-member commission of Supreme Court judges.

"It is a tough call for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Country is looking at him whether he will choose friendship and party politics or truth and morality," Surjewala said.

He said there must be transparency and accountability.

"Why shy away from probe if there's nothing wrong? There is no smoke without fire. The country was waiting for development... but 'Jai ka Vikas ho gaya'," he said.

Has BJP chosen Shah for 'integrity, humane values', asks Cong
 The Congress today took objection to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's "unsolicited advice" that it should select its leaders based on calibre and potential and asked if the BJP had chosen Amit Shah as chief for his "integrity and humane values".

Congress senior spokesperson Anand Sharma also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an explanation on reports that the Universities Grants Commission (UGC) panel had suggested removing the words "Muslim" from Aligarh Muslim University and "Hindu" from Banaras Hindu University (BHU).

"The finance minister gave unsolicited advice to the Indian National Congress... We have never prescribed to the BJP who they have chosen in the past, and also in the present, as their president.

"But my query would be: was Shri Amit Shah chosen by the BJP as party president for his image, intellect, integrity and humane values?" Sharma asked.

Referring to the UGC's reported suggestion on AMU and BHU to ensure their secular nature, he told reporters that both universities had made important contributions.

"If this kind of recommendation is coming in, it shows the thinking of the people associated with the government.

Hence, the prime minister should explain to the people of Varanasi, and also apprise Parliament," Sharma said.

The prime minister represents Varanasi constituency in the Lok Sabha.

Ahead of his US visit, Jaitley had yesterday said the Congress party was unlikely to substantially expand unless it "selects its leaders based on calibre and potential" and goes back to its original centrist position.

Jaitley's remarks, via video conference to the Berkeley India Conference, came less than a month after Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi had addressed students there.

In response to a question, Gandhi had said dynastic politics was a "problem" in India, but maintained that a large number of people in his party did not have a dynastic background.

Coincidently, the Congress is currently conducting its organisational polls and is expected to elect its next president this month.