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Posted On : 27 Sep, 2017  Source : IANS  Place : Mumbai 
More mothers shop for their kids than dads: Survey

Mothers keep a closer tab on their child's wardrobe than the fathers to ensure it is replete with matching outfits, funky footwear and quirky fashionable details, indicates a survey.

Of 976 responses received from women aged 27 to 40 via a poll on First Mom's Club's Facebook channel, which targets mothers, over 67 per cent moms stated to be the ones who do the shopping for their child, compared to 24 per cent fathers, read a statement.

The survey was conducted against the backdrop of e-commerce platform's foray in the kidswear category, to understand the millennial Indian mom, who is super involved and is the primary parent when it comes to decision making and buying clothes for their children.

Another finding indicates that with online shopping making it even more convenient, one in every four mothers -- 36 per cent -- confessed to shopping on an impulse, but without compromising on quality and comfort.

When it comes to footwear, a wardrobe is considered almost incomplete without matching footwear, be it sparkly ballerinas or musical sneakers. Around 38 per cent of the mothers responded saying that they prefer to buy shoes online against 66.9 per cent, who would do so only after trials at the shop.

"While many moms might not be very fashion-conscious about themselves, more often than not they are very aware and updated on matters around kids' clothes and trends.

"They want the best that is available in the market for their children especially when it comes to quality, value for money, and comfort," said Ruchita Dar Shah, Founder, First Mom's Club.

"It definitely speaks about how the millennial mom is very discerning about the choices she makes and careful about picking the right outfits to suit all her kids' needs as the choices available and competition in the market is so high today," Shah added.