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Posted On : 17 May, 2017  Source : PTI  Place : Jodhpur 
Muslim woman moves court after husband gives her triple talaq through piece of paper
A 25-year-old Muslim woman, whose husband divorced her by writing talaq thrice on a piece of paper, has moved court against the practice and also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to abolish it.

Amit Maheshwari, the counsel of Shagufta Modi, who married Rizvan in December 2014, claimed that her husband was unemployed and would pressure her to take money from her parents.

The woman said Rizvan evicted her from their house in April and gave him a piece of paper with talaq written thrice on it.

Rizvan, in a letter to Shagufta, had alleged that she "is querulous, would visit her parents often and that she did not mend her ways. So talaq is the only solution .

He said that according to the Sharia law, he had divorced his wife in the presence of two witnesses and that "both of them are now free to remarry as per their choice".

Shagufta said her parents tried hard to bring him round to save their marriage but in vain. Later, they knocked the doors of the court.

Maheshwari said, "We have prayed to the court to prohibit Rizvan from remarrying until the Supreme Court decides on the issue of triple talaq."

The woman said she has also written to the prime minister, appealing to him to "save Muslim women from the evil practice".

"Triple talaq is devastating for families, women and children and must be abolished for the good of the society," Shagufta said.