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Posted On : 20 Mar, 2017  Source : PTI  Place : Coimbatore 
RSS concerned over attacks on its activists in Kerala
The RSS today expressed concern over attacks on its activists in Kerala and "violence" against Hindus in West Bengal and said the state governments should ensure justice to all and an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

"After the Left's victory in the Kerala Assembly election, there has been a sudden rise in attacks on activists associated with the RSS-inspired organisations," the RSS said in its annual report presented at the three-day meeting of its Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha here.

These attacks have exposed their "most barbaric and inhuman face. Children, women, elders, youth, all have become victims of these brutal attacks", it added.

The report began by alleging that attempts were being made to "terrorise the Hindu society" by resorting to violence.

"Challenges are posed before the supporters of other thoughts by way of political intolerance and use of force.

Some of the incidents definitely cause serious concern," it said.

On West Bengal, the RSS claimed that "attacks on the Hindu society" have increased in the "most serious manner" after the transformation of power in the state following the "ouster" of the Leftists.

Without naming the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, it alleged "appeasement of Muslims by those in power" and accused the state administration of "remaining a mute spectator".

"There is a need to look at all such happenings with seriousness," the report said.

The Sangh Parivar fountainhead said it becomes the "bounden duty" of those who come to power by democratic means to ensure the safety and security of common citizens and instilling faith in them.

It was expected that the governments in both these states would take the initiative to ensure justice to all and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony, the report added.

It also alleged that despite a "favourable atmosphere and a massive acceptance" of the Sangh's work, elements "inimical to unity and integrity" were trying to vitiate the political atmosphere and encourage regionalism.

The RSS also voiced concern that "some countries" were "creating hurdles in the way of Bharat becoming a strong and vibrant global power".

"It is our belief that we can tide over this situation with firm commitment and by resolving all our internal social problems with a coordinated effort," the report said.

The RSS hailed the demonetisation step of the Narendra Modi government as a "very bold move".

It acknowledged that the common people faced "some difficulties" due to it, which was "most natural", and added that in spite of that, they showed immense restraint, patience and patriotism, which was commendable.

"The move initiated to curb black money, fake currency and problems created by terrorists using money power was in the right direction and must be welcomed and lauded," it said in its report.

Referring to the army's surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) last year, it said New Delhi was "forced" to go for it since Pakistan was "giving shelter to anti-India forces as a part of its proxy war".

"We congratulate our soldiers and officers for this heroic deed," the RSS report said.

The BJP-led government had indicated its strong will power and also "successfully turned the global opinion against Pakistan", resulting in the cancellation of the SAARC conference in Islamabad, it noted.

The RSS also congratulated the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientists for creating a world record in space science by launching 104 satellites at one go.