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Posted On : 27 Jan, 2017  Source : PTI  Place : Mumbai 
74-82% runners face injury: Research
Nearly 74-82 per cent of athletes suffer a moderate or severe injury while running and that injury-related stress comes from force resulting from the collision of two bodies over a relatively short time period, showed a research.

Citing a global research by global elliptical machines manufacturer Octane Fitness, Nithij Arenja Director Trinity HealthTech, a distributor of Octane Fitness, said that approximately 74-82 per cent runners will suffer a moderate or severe injury.

During running, impact forces typically vary in magnitude from approximately 1.5 to 5 body weights. As bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments adapt to repeated applied stresses, the impact force should be less than the 'tension limit' with an adequate time period between stress applications.

"Running and impact exercise leads to breakdowns in our bodies. It is important to be able to exercise in an impact free manner where our joints are not exposed to high levels of wear and tear," he said.

"Finally people with back, knee problems and hip joint trouble that struggle to walk or run should also be able to move and exercise everyday with no pain or impact; being inactive is not an option," he added.