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Barcelona, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Police said today they have found more than 120 gas canisters in a house[...] Read More

Pyongyang, 20 Aug, 2017 :- North Korea on Sunday slammed the upcoming joint US-South Korea[...] Read More

Canberra, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday released details[...] Read More

Lahore, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Ousted Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members today[...] Read More

Los Angeles, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Preliminary investigation into stuntwoman Joi "SJ" Harris' death suggests[...] Read More

Riyadh, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Saudi Arabia on Sunday said its health control centres vaccinated[...] Read More

Nuuk (Greenland), 20 Aug, 2017 :- A huge wildfire has been burning in Greenland for two weeks now, the[...] Read More

London, 20 Aug, 2017 :- The Islamic State terror group has used a network of companies operating[...] Read More

Madrid, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Spain's King Felipe and Queen Letizia will attend a special Mass at[...] Read More

Dhaka, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Ten militants were today sentenced to death and nine others jailed for[...] Read More

Tehran, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said today the top foreign policy priority[...] Read More

Islamabad, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Pakistan has granted nationality to at least 298 Indian emigrants in[...] Read More

Baghdad, 20 Aug, 2017 :- Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al- Abadi announced early today the start of[...] Read More

New York, 20 Aug, 2017 :- US President Donald Trump's "covfefe" nightmare recurred when he[...] Read More

Washington, 20 Aug, 2017 :- A majority of Americans say that the US should not threaten the North Korea with military action[...] Read More

Pretoria, 20 Aug, 2017 :- South African Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana has resigned[...] Read More

Baghdad, 20 Aug, 2017 :- The Iraqi forces killed 66 Islamic State (IS) militants, including suicide bombers,near the city of Mosul in Iraq,[...] Read More

Pyongyang, 20 Aug, 2017 :- North Korea accused Japan of building a cyberspace attack force in its military under the pretext[...] Read More

Tehran, 19 Aug, 2017 :- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Saturday said [...] Read More

Kandahar, 19 Aug, 2017 :- As many as 70 Taliban militants were killed and scores injured after Afghan[...] Read More

Lahore, 19 Aug, 2017 :-  Opposition Imran Khan's party today challenged in Lahore High Court the candidature[...] Read More

Washington, 19 Aug, 2017 :-  Donald Trump is weighing his options on formulating a new US strategy[...] Read More

Damascus, 19 Aug, 2017 :- The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah group on Saturday launched an offensive[...] Read More

Seoul, 19 Aug, 2017 :- North Korea on Saturday urged several Latin American countries not to break[...] Read More

Karachi, 19 Aug, 2017 :- Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau, a German physician and nun known as[...] Read More

Helsinki, 19 Aug, 2017 :-  The stabbings in the Finnish city of Turku that left two people dead and eight injured[...] Read More

Washington, 19 Aug, 2017 :- Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has vowed to "go to war"[...] Read More

Moscow, 19 Aug, 2017 :- A knife attacker stabbed eight people on the street in Russia's far northern city[...] Read More

London, 19 Aug, 2017 :-  A lamp at the top of the Big Ben tower, which is switched on in the evening[...] Read More

Kabul, 19 Aug, 2017 :-  Afghanistan on Saturday marked the 98th anniversary of its independence [...] Read More