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Hyderabad, 23 Jun, 2017 :- The projection by Nasscom that Indian IT exports would grow 7-8 per cent[...] Read More

Hyderabad, 22 Jun, 2017 :- Indian IT export is projected to grow by 7-8 per cent in 2017-18, industry[...] Read More

Hyderabad, 21 Jun, 2017 :- Software and services industry body Nasscom will be issuing the much awaited[...] Read More

Mumbai, 21 Jun, 2017 :-  The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI) today[...] Read More

Kolkata, 16 Jun, 2017 :- The Rs 6000 crore organised Indian fan industry has expressed concern over[...] Read More

New Delhi, 12 Jun, 2017 :- Industrial production growth slipped to 3.1 per cent in April due to poor[...] Read More

Hyderabad, 9 Jun, 2017 :- Cement industry sees about 10 to 18 per cent growth in demand in Telangana[...] Read More

Lucknow, 9 Jun, 2017 :-  The blue print of the new industrial policy of Uttar Pradesh, which promises [...] Read More

Kolkata, 7 Jun, 2017 :- The decision of the GST council to tax paints at the highest slab of 28 per cent[...] Read More

Hyderabad, 5 Jun, 2017 :- The opportunities for new recruitment and promotions have shrunk in India's[...] Read More

Mumbai, 4 Jun, 2017 :- Industrial and military explosives manufacturer Solar Industries India (SIIL)[...] Read More

Mumbai, 3 Jun, 2017 :- The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (Texprocil) today welcomed 5 per cent GST on yarn and fabrics.[...] Read More

Hyderabad, 1 Jun, 2017 :- Software and services exports from Telangana were up by nearly 14 per cent [...] Read More

Mumbai, 1 Jun, 2017 :- As Techtextil India gears up to expand its scope into the garment[...] Read More

Beijing, 31 May, 2017 :- Following the contributions by Jeff Koons and John Baldessari,[...] Read More

Kolkata, 31 May, 2017 :- The ban on sale of cattle for slaughter has cast a shadow on the leather[...] Read More

New Delhi, 31 May, 2017 :- The growth of eight core sectors declined to 2.5 per cent in April mainly due[...] Read More

Ahmedabad, 31 May, 2017 :- The All India Recycled Fibre & Yarn Manufacturers[...] Read More

Bhubaneswar, 24 May, 2017 :- Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today assured a delegation of Nalco employees[...] Read More

Mumbai, 19 May, 2017 :-  The Ministry of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME) has a target to employ[...] Read More

Chandigarh, 18 May, 2017 :-  Industry body Assocham has suggested announcement of comprehensive[...] Read More

Hyderabad, 15 May, 2017 :- Retrenchment of employees is a common occurrence in the infotech industry[...] Read More

Kochi, 14 May, 2017 :- The coir industry in the country has registered a steep growth in the last three[...] Read More

New Delhi, 12 May, 2017 :- Industrial output growth slipped to 2.7 per cent in March, chiefly because of poor[...] Read More

Kolkata, 7 May, 2017 :- With increasing volatility in Rupee and strengthening of steel price, engineering exports from West Bengal face threats[...] Read More

Mumbai, 7 May, 2017 :- On the back of an over 11 per cent growth last year, largest commercial vehicles maker[...] Read More

Kolkata, 3 May, 2017 :- The jute industry is under threat for partial dilution of the mandatory jute packaging[...] Read More

New Delhi, 1 May, 2017 :- The eight core industries grew by 5 per cent in March, fastest in three months[...] Read More

New Delhi, 25 Apr, 2017 :- Trade and industry will be assigned a 'compliance rating' based on their credibility[...] Read More

Amaravati, 21 Apr, 2017 :- The reconstituted State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) of Andhra Pradesh[...] Read More